Ways to connect with the fresh expressions movement – from training and events, to jobs, to networks.

You can also view our training and events calendar.

    • vision day

      vision events

      Dynamic and inspiring events across the country which introduce the basics of fresh expressions of church. Forthcoming vision events are listed at the foot of the page.

    • mission shaped intro

      mission shaped intro

      A six-session freely-downloadable course which helps you to reconnect with your community and think creatively about new ways of being church.

    • mission shaped ministry

      mission shaped ministry

      A one-year part-time course for those leading, or thinking of starting, a fresh expression of church.

    • Vacancy sign


      Perhaps God is calling you to paid work encouraging mission and the growth of new forms of church?

      Have a look at the jobs pages in the church press, Christian websites advertising vacancies and our own jobs page.

    • Reading the map

      Pioneer ministry

      An increasing number of denominations and streams are actively looking for those with pioneering gifts to start and lead fresh expressions of church.

    • MentorConnect


      We’ve partnered with MentorConnect to allow you to find a mentor for your context.

    • Rural fresh expressionsDon’t live in a city? Come here to explore what it looks like to start something new in a rural setting.

An msm event


Events put on by Fresh Expressions and other groups or agencies.

    • Tape measure

      Bespoke training

      We’re always happy to explore bespoke training packages and resources for your needs. Please contact us on to discuss your requirements.

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