Young Adults

Fresh Expressions Young Adults Initiative

The Fresh Expressions young adults hubs exist to champion fresh expressions of church amongst young adults. Their focus is on helping the Church to understand young adults, networking young adults who are involved in fresh expressions of church and releasing young adults to be church in new and creative ways.

Come see our new Young Adults website!!! has some good information about the new Refresh Project, as well as information about upcoming events in the Fresh Expressions Young Adult Initiative!

We’ve all heard the statistics: young adults are leaving the church in droves or never went in the first place. It can be depressing stuff, but we believe this can change.

The Fresh Expressions young adult hub was formed in 2009 and is made up of people and organisations committed to changing those statistics. We have now published research into fresh expressions of church amongst young adults, connected with over 100 young adult leaders and begun speaking to the wider church about the possibilities through various events and conferences. In 2015 we multiplied the hub into two: one gathering practitioners working with fresh expressions of church amongst young adults, and the other drawing together representatives from organisations working with young adults.

Our plan is to create ‘hubs’ in different parts of the UK for people to gather together to for encouragement, practical training, and strategic thinking as we all work together to reach out to the ‘lost generation’ of 20-30s in our communities.

Find out more about our forthcoming hub gatherings.

Fresh Expressions ‘ work with young adults is headed up by Rob Peabody, our Director of Pioneer Development (Young Adults), in partnership with the Awaken movement.

Whether you’ve found this site as a young adult, a church leader or someone else entirely, we’d love to connect with you and work towards new communities of faith among young adults. Please get in touch!