Books about young adults in the Church

authentic faith: fresh expressions of church amongst young adults
Beth Keith, Fresh Expressions, 2013, 978-095600057-6
Research on young adult Christian communities that are growing around the UK.
Losing Faith: those who have walked away…
Andy Frost, Authentic Media, 2010, 978-185078879-9
This book tells the stories of young adults who have left the church and why they left. Not an easy read due to its level of honesty!
Engaging Gen Y: Leading well across the Generations (Grove Leadership Series)
(James Lawrence, Grove Books, 2012, 978-185174827-3)
A Grove booklet that explores some of the generational differences James Lawrence has noticed as he leads the CPAS Arrow Course.
The Faith of Generation Y (Explorations)
(Sylvia Collins-Mayo, Bob Mayo, Sally Nash, Church House Publishing, 2010, 978-071514206-6)
This is a more academic book that looks at how to understand what is different about young adults (generation Y).
Making Sense of Generation Y: The world view of 15-25-year-olds (Explorations)
(Sara Savage, Sylvia Collins-Mayo, Bob Mayo, Graham Cray)
This is another more academic book that looks at how to understand what is different about young adults (generation Y).

Online resources for young adults

Interviews with young adults

We have recorded a series of interviews with young adults about their experiences of leading fresh expressions of church. You can view them on our conferences page or the Fresh Expressions YouTube channel.


Intersect is a five-week short-film resource from the Awaken Movement, which helps you engage others in spiritual discussions. Designed for use in small groups, it has been described as a ‘pre-alpha’ course, for those with no awareness of Christianity.

Awaken My City

Awaken My City is a resource linking Christians who want to love and serve their communities, with needs and volunteer serving opportunities in their area.


An online collective of young adult writers trying to make sense of life and faith, facilitated by the Evangelical Alliance.


A series of short films that look at life and faith from a young adult perspective, produced by Youth for Christ.


An online community aiming to help people develop patterns that connect with justice, supported by Tearfund.

Training for young adults to lead fresh expressions of church

mission shaped ministry

Fresh Expressions’ training course in starting and growing fresh expressions of church, run through local course centres across the UK. A young adult module is available to all participants, although it may not be taught by all centres.

One Rock

One Rock trains leaders for mission through workshops, retreats and learning communities.

Pioneer Mission Leadership Training

CMS’ Pioneer Mission Leadership Training trains leaders for pioneering mission. Most students are engaging in mission in different UK contexts. The course is mainly based in Oxford but does run some residential modules.

Organisations working with young adults

The Fresh Expressions young adults hub works with representatives and individuals from a wide variety of organisations, including the following.

Awaken Movement


Evangelical Alliance

Frontier Youth Trust

One Rock International

Soul Survivor / Momentum


Youth for Christ