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In recent years, hundreds of new churches have been formed. These 'fresh expressions' are aiming to create church among people who have never belonged to a church, or who once did, but belong no more.

Share booklets combine spiritual insight with practical knowledge to offer guidance in starting and sustaining a fresh expression of church.

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  1. How can fresh expressions emerge?
  2. How should we start?
  3. What should we start?
  4. How can we get support?
  5. How can we find our way?
  6. How can we be sustainable?
  7. How can we be a great team?
  8. How can we finance a fresh expression?
  9. How can we encourage a fresh expression?
  10. How should we teach and preach?
  11. Self-supporting ministry

Each booklet is available as a physical booklet (£3.50), a downloadable PDF (£2.50) or both (£5.00).

Multibuy offer: buy two booklets for a 50p discount per copy, three booklets for 75p off per copy, four or more booklets for £1 off per copy. Just add multiple copies to your basket and the discount will be applied automatically.

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Description Booklet PDF Booklet + PDF Delivery
Starting and sustaining a fresh expression of church Starting and sustaining a fresh expression of church Omnibus of Share booklets 01-08 £9.00 £8.00 £16.00 £1 (UK)

£5 (non-UK)

Bonus starter pack Bonus starter pack Omnibus booklet plus DVD £17.00     £3 (UK)

£10 (non-UK)

Complete Share booklets pack Complete Share booklets pack Omnibus booklet plus booklets 09, 10 and 11 £16.50 £14.00 £28.00 £3 (UK)

£10 (non-UK)


Another great resource from Fresh Expressions. The booklets in this series are intensely practical and an invaluable addition to the toolkit of anyone who takes contemporary mission seriously.

Ian Bell, Coordinator, VentureFX, Methodist Church

These booklets are a simple starter kit to put in the hands of pioneers. They are full to the brim of ideas, practical wisdom and stories. They will help you to catch a vision, take the first steps together and sustain new communities of faith for those outside the churches.

Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield

This booklet series will help you to consider your mission heart, your mission team, your mission values and your mission focus. It is a must in the process of listening to God in mission, a vital resource for potential pioneers.

Francis Brienen, Secretary for Mission, United Reformed Church

It's about time someone distilled the wisdom learned through fresh exrpessions into a format that is simple, practical and not overly prescriptive. The Share booklets seem to be exactly that – what a great idea!

Jonny Baker, pioneer mission leadership team, CMS

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