Being Church, Doing Life: Creating gospel communities where life happens

This popular introduction explores how ordinary Christians can serve people outside the church by starting Christian communities in their everyday lives.

Drawing on over 120 great stories of fresh expressions of church, it offers plenty of ideas to stir the imagination.

It answers question like:

  • what’s the one thing we should know?
  • how do I start?
  • how can we grow disciples?
  • how can my church get involved?
  • what’s the secret of success?

In this inspiring volume, Michael Moynagh shares practical and comprehensive advice on how to start and grow new churches – however small – in every context of life. He emphasises practical aspects, telling many of the great stories that have emerged through practitioners. The book will enthuse and help church leaders and individuals to start and develop these communities and advise them on how to help them grow to maturity and become sustainable.

Mike Moynagh's life time work has been to assess the way the world is evolving and also the church as a witnessing community. He shows how they can join up in practice in this book which is peppered with stories. His characteristic skill is to pull together many strands, to distil wisdom from them and add that Moynagh dash of interpretative flavour. In a post Christendom age, he shows how it is possible to put the church back in the public sphere through holistic service and Christ centred witness. He longs to earth theory in practice and this book does just what the title says.

George Lings, Church Army

This book wonderfully combines a depth of insight with a simplicity of practice which makes it a must read for anyone wanting to start a witnessing community.

Dave Male, Centre for Pioneer Learning

The combination of his knowledge and enthusiasm will encourage and inspire you to think afresh about how you can become a mission-shaped pioneer.

Phil Potter, Archbishops' Missioner and Fresh Expressions Team Leader

Being Church, Doing Life offers both the whys and hows of developing 'witnessing communities', with many encouraging stories of people like you and me seeing gospel transformation as they step out on God's great adventure.

Gareth Robinson, church planter and worship leader

We're called to go and tell, but too often the church becomes complacent, failing to see the mission outside itself. In Being Church, Doing Life, Michael Moynagh provokes us to search outside of the church walls, seizing opportunities for Christian witness. It will challenge your thinking and push you toward mission.

Ed Stetzer, President, Lifeway Research

This is a book for CAN DO people. Grounded in practical experience, this is a must-read for all who are passionate about seeing the church alive in the everyday.

Francis Brienen, United Reformed Church

Mission today has to be incarnational. The church has to be where people are, not just where they live. Mike Moynagh's insightful book extends our understanding of fresh expressions of church and puts the possibility of involvement within the reach of many Christians in their everyday lives.

Graham Cray

Michael Moynagh shows how small witnessing communities, lovingly serving their neighbours, can offer a tantalizing 'taste of church' and intentionally plant signposts to Jesus. Read Being Church for renewed vision!

Grace Sears, Past President of The Order of the Daughters of the King

This book is full of ideas to stir your imagination. Michael's wide knowledge of creative ideas for mission and evangelism helps the ordinary Christian to see their situation through new eyes.

Martin Robinson, Together in Mission

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