Seminar pack: Prayer and spirituality in fresh expressions

Written by Colin Brown whilst Fresh Expressions Missioner with responsibility for prayer and spirituality, this seminar pack has been designed to:

  • introduce the value and importance of prayer and a healthy spirituality in exploring and developing a fresh expression of church;
  • explore the fact that there are many ways and means to do this;
  • enable participants to share local and collective wisdom and experience in this area;
  • help participants to learn the value of good listening, in prayer and to one another.

The pack helps participants to:

  • increase their understanding of spirituality and prayer in relation to fresh expressions;
  • experience the value of good listening.

The material invites participants to consider what we mean by prayer and spirituality and investigates the type of spirituality that is at the heart of fresh expressions of church. Significant time is allocated to an experiential listening in prayer exercise.

Ideal for use in small- to medium-sized church meetings, vision day seminar packs explore specific key issues and various genres of fresh expressions.

Other materials will be required to present the material.

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