Seminar pack: Listening for mission

The material in this seminar pack is also covered in what should we start (Share booklet 03).

There is a lot of material in this seminar pack and the timings can be expanded to fill a morning or evening meeting. It is an ideal resource for any church or group of Christians seriously seeking to engage more effectively with their community.

The material has been written to help participants:

  • reflect upon how listening for mission can inform our particular context;
  • consider what first steps can be taken to initiate a new missional community;
  • discover what further input or resources would help this process further.

Working through the material participants will understand:

  • the importance of listening to discern mission context;
  • the concept of 360° listening and its application;
  • some of the ways that gathering information can inspire, shape vision and begin mission engagement;
  • an overview of the five stages of a full mission audit;
  • the importance of prayer running through the process of strategy and research.

Ideal for use in small- to medium-sized church meetings, vision day seminar packs explore specific key issues and various genres of fresh expressions.

Other materials will be required to present the material including a copy of expressions: the dvd – 1: stories of church for a changing culture.

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