Bishops’ Mission Orders a beginner’s guide

This simple booklet outlines what a Bishop's Mission Order is. Every PCC and deanery synod in the land needs to come to grips with the opportunities created by the new Bishops' Mission Orders. The booklet sets out when a BMO may be needed, what it can and cannot do, and how the process will work.

In clear, accessible language, the booklet covers the background to the Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure 2007, the consultation needed, the steps you need to follow, the role of the Visitor, drawing up an order and provision for review. This short guide is an essential starting point in making the most of a key piece of new legislation to support fresh expressions of church.

More information about BMOs can be found on the BMO page of the Guide.

You can also download an introductory presentation, based on this booklet, for use in dioceses, districts, parishes, circuits, congregations and other gatherings.

changing church for a changing world

This book describes some of the exciting fresh ways of being church which are emerging in a Methodist context in Britain. We live in a fast changing world in which the Church seems to be less and less relevant, but God is always in the business of doing new things. Alongside the stories there is material suitable for study groups and personal enquiry. There are also three major articles to take you further into the subject and contributions from a variety of fresh expressions practitioners.

changing church for a changing world is co-written by Pete Pillinger and Andrew Roberts, both Methodist ministers working as part of the Fresh Expressions core team. There are additional contributions from Martyn Atkins, Tom Stuckey, Martin Wellings and others.

Although the book was expanded and revised from a report written for Methodist Conference 2007, it contains much about fresh expressions in a wider context and setting than just Methodism.

expressions: the dvd – 1: stories of church for a changing culture

A DVD of stories of fresh expressions of church from around the country.

Skater church… Cell church… Messy church… All over the country Christians are beginning new initiatives to connect with those who are currently outside church.

Presented by well-known Songs of Praise presenter Diane-Louise Jordan and produced by the Fresh Expressions team, this 75 minute DVD tells 14 engaging and informative stories of these fresh expressions and describes some of the lessons learned so far.

An excellent training tool for those interested in setting up or understanding more about Fresh Expressions. Be inspired!

  1. Stories of church (half-hour feature)
  2. Legaxy XS
  3. Taste and See
  4. Sunday 4:6
  5. Sanctuary
  6. Nightshift
  7. New Horizons
  8. Somewhere Else
  9. B1
  10. Messy Church
  11. The Living Room
  12. Sanctus1
  13. The Bridge
  14. Cable Street
  15. Mind the Gap

You can also purchase each of the 15 chapters as a downloadable video clip (£2 for each short story, £3 for the main half hour feature) using the links above.

expressions: the dvd – 2: changing church in every place

A DVD of stories and discussion starters from fresh expressions around the country.

Fresh expressions are flourishing in all types of places… where you live, worship and work. All over the country Christians are beginning new initiatives to connect with those who are currently outside church.

Presented by Diane Louise Jordan, this DVD focuses on four specific areas where fresh expressions of church are breaking new ground. Each film looks at fresh expressions with a distinct focus: work and leisure, rural, sacramental and youth.

Also on the DVD, there are six discussion starters. These feature experienced contributors, who will help you and your team unpack your thinking about contemporary mission and fresh expressions of church.

I'm colossally encouraged by the amount of activity that there seems to be around the church at the moment. This DVD tells part of this new story: I hope you will watch it, give thanks to God and get involved!

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, 2003-2012

  1. Work, rest and play (Riverforce, Tubestation, Re:Fresh)

    Additional material: transcript of chapter 1

  2. A new harvest? (Tolland, The Gathering, The Warham Trust, Tas Valley)

    Additional material: transcript of chapter 2

  3. The Lord is here (Moot, Goth Eucharist, Contemplative Fire)
  4. Generate (Adrenalin, Essex primary school, Prezence, Blackburn Schools, Side Door)

    Additional material: transcript of chapter 4

  5. Discussion starter: being mission-shaped

    Additional material: transcript of chapters 5-9

    Additional material: discussion notes for chapters 1-9

  6. Discussion starter: listening for mission
  7. Discussion starter: starting a fresh expression
  8. Discussion starter: sustaining fresh expressions
  9. Discussion starter: discipleship
  10. The allotment – a short story

You can also purchase each of the ten chapters as a downloadable video clip (£2 for each discussion starter, £3 for the four main features) using the links to the right.

Additional material

Discussion notes to accompany the different sections are available to download above. You can also download transcripts of each chapter.

The discussions are ideal for using in a small group or by individuals after watching each sequence on the DVD. You could spend an evening on each of the four longer sequences (1-4) which last about 20 minutes each. You could probably cover a couple of the shorter sequences (5-9) in an evening – they last about 5-6 minutes each.

There are no notes for the modern parable, The Allotment (10). Simply watch this and share what God seems to be saying to you through it.

I've practically worn out the first expressions DVD, I’ve used it so much! These new, powerful and inspiring stories reflect that, whatever your context, with God ordinary folk really can do extraordinary things. Go for it – you CAN do it!

Sally Thornton, Methodist Local Preacher and Fresh Expressions Associate Missioner

on the edge: exploring ordained pioneer ministry in the church of england (DVD and booklet)

A DVD and booklet featuring 14 ordained pioneer ministers who tell their stories passionately and honestly. Read their emails and blogs and see them in action, as they talk about their experience of starting church from scratch.

  1. pioneering
  2. selection
  3. training
  4. deployment

This product is a DVD and booklet, with optional additional download of the booklet. You can also purchase additional downloads of the 16-page booklet for £1 each.

You can also purchase each of the four chapters as a downloadable video clip (£3 each) using the links to the right.

on the edge booklet

A host of church leaders have expressed support for this new form of ministry and mission, including Rowan Williams, Mike Pilavachi, Amy Orr-Ewing and Steven Croft. The DVD has chapters on pioneering, selection, training and deployment and is designed to be watched individually or in small groups.


on the edge shows a way forward for ordained ministry that means the Church of England may, by the grace of God, be on the edge of an exciting future.

Ruth Dearnley, CEO of Stop the Traffik and Spring Harvest Leadership team

This is an excellent and inspiring introduction to ordained pioneer ministry – clearly showing how the Church of England is adapting to the needs of modern society.

Michael Wakelin, Head of BBC Religion and Ethics

A brilliant concept, ordained pioneer ministry will undoubtedly make a huge impact in the years ahead. Here is a resource that is beautifully filmed, creatively written and one that offers a unique insight for anyone considering exploring this opportunity further.

Chris Stoddard, Director – RUN (Reaching the Unchurched Network)

In a rapidly changing society where 60% have no contact with the Church, ordained pioneer ministers are an exciting and vital new venture, as this DVD brilliantly shows.

Stuart Burns, Abbot of Burford

A wonderful resource for all those who have a heart for the lost and a longing to see the gospel take root in unchurched cultures.

Ian Parkinson, Vicar of Marple and Host of New Wine North

This is an invaluable introduction for those thinking about this new form of ministry in the Anglican Church – working for the church has suddenly become cool!

Tina Allen, University Careers Adviser

This DVD is a great way to get a glimpse what pioneer ministry is all about, giving some fantastic snapshots of the journeys, joys, challenges and thrills of this kaleidoscope of new ways to be a priest.

Sue Wallace, Emerging Church leader and author

As this DVD shows, ordained pioneer ministers are bringing new hope and confidence and are leading the Church of England to engage in risky and creative outreach.

Geoff Pearson, Bishop of Lancaster

Every pioneer minister comes from a local church. So every PCC and Deanery meeting should watch this DVD, so that they can identify and encourage the pioneers God has given them.

Paul Bayes, National Mission and Evangelism Adviser

If you dream of what church could be and of your part in leading it, watch this.

Steve Chalke MBE, Founder – Oasis Global, UN Special Advisor on Community Action against Human Trafficking