expressions issue 5

Fresh Expressions has published six issues of two periodicals. You can download them all below.

expressions: the newspaper

Contains stories and features about fresh expressions of church around the country.

mixed economy issue 1mixed economy: the journal

Takes a more in-depth look at some of the theology and practice of fresh expressions of church.

ISSN (print) 1759-1848 | ISSN (online) 1759-1856

issue 1: autumn/winter 2008/09

  • Sunderland Minster is leading the way in developing a new model of church – Pam Macnaughton
  • Substantial space for local application – Pete Atkins
  • Messy Church is not a club – Lucy Moore
  • Stepping into other people's shoes – Rob Marshall meets Rob Gillion
  • Evangelism as parable – Howard Mellor
  • The 'strength' of the Church is never anything other than the strength of the presence of the Risen Jesus – Rowan Williams
  • A tool for mission – Mark Ireland
  • Goths in the cathedral – Owen Edwards
  • Milestones on the journey – Steven Croft
  • re:generation in Romford – Ian Adams
  • Mission and spirituality – Brother Damian SSF
  • People with the gifts needed – Steven Croft
  • Church for the unchurched – Emma Garrow
  • The big picture – David Bagwell
  • International perspectives and developments – Ian Adams
  • 'Letting go' and 'trying on' – Andrew Roberts and Rachel Matthews
  • Spent up or sustainable – John Preston
  • Released for something new – Norman Ivison
  • Share – Mike Moynagh and Andrew Wooding
  • Little Fishes – Rachel Matthews
  • New people; new places; new skills – Ian Adams

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