Partners and the organisation

Fresh Expressions works alongside a large number of Christian organisations, denominations and streams, both in the UK and overseas.

National Church Partners:

National Network Partners:

These partners either second staff to the national team, or contribute a significant sum to our annual budget.

We are always open to partnering with others and if you would like to explore that, please contact Phil Potter.

Finance and governance

Fresh Expressions is a registered charity (#1080103) and limited company (#3598030) under the leadership of a board of trustees drawn from its partner organisations. The current trustees are:

  • Martyn Atkins (Chair)
  • Chris Russell
  • Chris Edmondson
  • David Laing
  • Francis Brienen
  • Noel Wright
  • Wayne Hawkins
  • Pete Atkins
  • Stephen Dean
  • John Drane (chair of the mission shaped ministry board)

Fresh Expressions is funded by its partner organisations, by grant funding from trusts and funds and by donations from individuals.

You may like to consider supporting us financially.

Organisational values

As an organisation, Fresh Expressions aims to keep the following values at the heart of the way we work.

We centre all that we are and all that we do on God – and therefore will:

  • be concerned with the kingdom of God, and keep our horizons wide;
  • pattern our lives and ministry on God's son, Jesus Christ;
  • see mission as discovering what the Holy Spirit is doing and joining in;
  • be grounded in prayer and the scriptures as we depend on God's grace.

We recognize the special opportunity we have, both for the Church and for the Kingdom – and therefore will:

  • have a sense of urgency in our task;
  • be prepared to take risks and prepared for the unexpected opportunities he offers us;
  • aim for quality before quantity;
  • seek to be strategic in all we do.

We value collaboration both within the team and with those we seek to serve – and therefore will:

  • work with integrity, honesty, generosity, openness, and loyalty;
  • recognise that we are learners rather than experts and spend time in listening and reflection;
  • encourage one another and all God's people;
  • recognize that as fallible individuals serving a fallible church, we will make mistakes and see failure as well as success;
  • believe that the future is in God's hands.

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