Fresh Expressions Area Strategy Teams (FEASTs) catalyse the start and development of fresh expressions of church across a geographical area. They play a vital role in bringing about a genuine ‘mixed economy’ church.

If you are aware of updates to this map, contact resources@freshexpressions.org.uk.

About FEASTs

FEASTs focus on a geographical area that makes local sense, such as a city or county. Please note that the areas covered by each FEAST do not have strict boundaries and can overlap. Within that area they:

    • initiate, sustain and map fresh expressions of church;
    • encourage prayer for fresh expressions of church to emerge and for the strategy as a whole;
    • provide training for those leading (or wanting to start) fresh expressions of church;
    • resource fresh expressions of church;
    • engage with existing church structures;
    • identify and support pioneers and practitioners.

All good FEASTs bring together three kinds of people:

    • pioneers who are involved in fresh expressions of church;
    • permission-givers who are working within denominational structures to effect change and release resources;
    • champions who are keen to take this agenda forward even if they may not be pioneers themselves.

We would strongly encourage you to get involved in a FEAST in your area – or to form one if one doesn’t yet exist. Sometimes the initiative comes from a local minister or pioneer, sometimes it comes from a regional church leader. FEASTs work best when they are ecumenical.

You can download the introductory guide to FEASTs below or find your local FEAST from the map or the links to the right.

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