'Church' for one congregation in Leicester does not finish with a cup of tea and then home for lunch.

Hope Hamilton Church sets out on Sunday afternoons to a piece of recreation ground nearby. There they set up a BBQ, untangle the kite strings and another time of worship begins. Gradually, others arrive, play on the basketball court, have their nails painted, fly kites or simply chat. A story from the Bible might be included, and the time finishes with a prayer.

It’s a great time for getting to know the neighbours and for the church to be visible in the community.

Phil White the minister says:

For too long now the Church has had only one way of doing or being Church – the gathered model of coming together in a dedicated building on a Sunday morning. We believe that there are other more creative models. Adrenalin is a new model of Church.

We hope to be church centred around a mutual interest of active and adventurous sports including canoeing, power kiting and climbing. In this context we will explore our faith in God.

We consider that the essence of Church is incorporated in three relationships, 'Up' with God, 'In' with each other and 'Out' with the wider community.

We use the swimming pool at Leicester Leys Leisure Centre and the River Soar for the canoeing. We have a selection of kites and buggies and we fly locally on the public field on Sandhills Avenue, Hamilton.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for people to have fun together as church, where life, fun, outdoor pursuits and faith interact.

Adrenalin is for anyone – people with a faith or with none. All you need is an interest in the activities – no expertise necessary.