Fuzz Kitto’s Church of England miracle

International youth worker, minister, writer and consultant Fuzz Kitto sees Fresh Expressions as a prophetic movement, helping to achieve a 'miracle' in the Church of England. Travelling from his home in Sydney, Fuzz meets many people involved in fresh expressions of church across the world. In a specially recorded interview (which you can listen to in full below), Fuzz says,

What hits me continuously with Fresh Expressions is that it's such a wonderful faith journey; it's not a matter of, 'we know what to do', it’s 'we just sense this is the right way to go.' It's the great love of God to never leave the Church alone and to never let it lag but continuously to raise up prophets and I think Fresh Expressions is a prophetic movement, trying to help the church. It's begging the most wonderful questions.

What has happened in the Church of England is nothing short of miracle. Now I've seen God do some amazing miracles… but I still think the greatest miracle I ever see is when God can work from the council of the church. It is the phenomenal miracle when we know all the politics, we know all the dynamics are there, and yet – in the midst of that – God is saying, 'I want to take a church on a journey.'

He cites the Mission-shaped Church report as a true turning point in the life of the church, saying that no-one would have believed the changes that have come about since its findings were translated into action.

The wonderful thing is it's so God like – the impossible made possible, the invisible made visible and I think Fresh Expressions is a whole part of that tradition of God working in cultures and peoples.