Fresh Expressions and the Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland's Mission and Discipleship Council has indicated it is planning for growth in numbers and not managing decline, encouraging the pioneering work of Fresh Expressions.

Reporting to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland on Tuesday 21st May 2013, Rev Colin Sinclair, the Council Convener, said during his speech that a formal partnership with Fresh Expressions is being established. This will mean that the Church of Scotland can further benefit from their experience in training for and support of new expressions of church life.

He said,

This is a really exciting development and I'm pleased that in Scotland 200 leaders have now been trained in mission shaped ministry and others have experimented with Messy Church, together with other new contexts for worship.

We hope to have some taster events around the country in the coming year and also the shorter six week course. We are also looking forward to appointing a Fresh Expressions Development Worker, a joint appointment with Ministries Council in partnership with the Fresh Expressions movement. We are planning for growth, not managing decline.