The Shape of Things to Come

Our churches will never be released in mission until we learn what it means to release every member in ministry, out in the world and in keeping with the shape God has made them. Phil Potter will take the morning to look at the kind of missional leaders that we need to identify, who and where they are, and how we can release them in mission. He will also challenge us to think radically about what the future church looks like, unpacking what it means to change our very mindset for the missional challenges we face in a world where people make their relationships across networks as much in their local neighbourhoods. 

In the afternoon, a series of workshops will look at different models of mission that can be used in both rural and urban settings. 

•    Sacramental Fresh Expressions: Tim Sledge will draw on the riches of our Anglican heritage while reframing them within our local context. 

•    Rural Fresh Expressions: Phil Bromiley will draw on his experience as rector of five rural parishes where he has experimented with fresh expressions in a rural context. 

•    Working with Young Adults: Tom Coopey will bring his insights into the delights and challenges of working with a community of 20 to 30-year olds – some unchurched, some dechurched and some from other churches seeking peers of their own age. 

•    Breathing Spaces – creating quiet days for those outside the church, using Christian spirituality: in this workshop, Emily Bradbury will share insights and stories about the creative use of quiet spaces to draw people into the presence of God. 

Canon Phil Potter is the Archbishops’ Missioner and UK national Team Leader of Fresh Expressions. Before this, he was Director of Pioneer Ministry in the Diocese of Liverpool where one in three parishes has now planted at least one fresh expression of church. He has also been involved for the past few years in national and international strategies for promoting new ways of doing church, and in the recent past has worked as a consultant and speaker in Australasia, North America, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Germany. He has written two books: ‘Pioneering a new future’, formerly published as `The Challenge of Change` (BRF 2009/15), and `The Challenge of Cell Church` (BRF 2001).

Tim Sledge is Vicar of Romsey Abbey, a Fresh Expression Associate and co-author of Mission-Shaped Parish.

Phil Bromiley is Rector of Oldbury Benefice, a Mission Enabler in Salisbury Diocese and a Fresh Expression Associate. 

Tom Coopey is Team Vicar of Radipole and Melcombe Regis. 

Emily Bradbury of Poole Missional Communities has a background in Spiritual Direction and runs ‘Breathing Spaces’, a project to resource others to engage missionally with people in Poole who don’t connect with church, using Christian spirituality, quiet and community.

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